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Discount Airline to Land at Newark With Opening up of Slots

June 28th 2016 2:07AM
Chicago-based United controlled about 900 of the roughly 1,200 slots at Newark — more than 10 times as many slots as any other airline — the ...

Short Sellers Target Turkish Airlines as Tourism Industry Wilts

June 28th 2016 12:26AM
Bets against Turkish Airlines stock peaked at the end of May and have stayed around this level, the highest in at least a decade, the Markit data shows.

Engine set ablaze during emergency landing of Singapore Airlines flight

June 27th 2016 8:47PM
A blaze engulfed the right wing of a Singapore Airlines aircraft after its engine caught fire during an emergency landing at Changi Airport, forcing the ...

Airlines shuffling spots at Tucson airport

June 27th 2016 8:30PM
After 15 years of cutbacks, U.S. airlines are starting to add back some small perks for coach passengers. On Monday, American became the latest ...

History of American Airlines

June 27th 2016 4:54PM
On April 15, 1926, Charles Lindbergh flew the first American Airlines flight – carrying U.S. mail from St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois. After 8 ...

singapore airlines plane bursts into flames on the runway

June 27th 2016 4:52PM
A Singapore Airlines plane was engulfed in flames after making an emergency landing. Singapore Airlines flight SQ368 destined for Milan, burst into ...

American Airlines Credit Card

June 27th 2016 4:52PM
Fly AA often? Get the American Airlines Credit Card.

Tim Tebow prays for ailing Delta Airlines passenger Sunday

June 27th 2016 4:45PM
I was traveling on Delta Airlines Flight Number 1772 from Atlanta, Georgia to Phoenix, Arizona when there was a medical emergency on board.

Passengers film from inside Singapore Airlines flight as plane burns

June 27th 2016 4:45PM
"The fire was put out by airport emergency services and there were no injuries," said a Singapore Airlines spokesman in an emailed statement.

Singapore Airlines jet catches fire, but all passengers safe

June 27th 2016 4:28PM
SINGAPORE (AP) — Singapore Airlines said Monday there were no injuries when a jetliner caught fire after returning to Changi Airport because of an ...