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Airlines Updates

'Ball set rolling for Maha connectivity'

August 23rd 2016 10:56PM
"Air India is a nice airline with bad books. I hope it is going in the right direction," Raju said, explaining that he did not guide the management because ...

India's private airlines request govt to allow them skip Pakistani airspace

August 23rd 2016 7:00PM
New Delhi: Continuous deterioration in the India-Pakistan ties has led to a lot of apprehensions, fresh being the aviation industry's concerns on the ...

Privatise Air India for better management

August 23rd 2016 4:33PM
Troubled national carrier Air India, which is likely to post a nominal Rs 100 crore operational profit after umpteen years in the red, is reportedly seeking ...

More Flights Likely for City: New airline allowed to park aircraft at Chandigarh airport

August 23rd 2016 4:22PM
Punjab News, Chandigarh news, Zoom airlines, Latest news, Punjab news, Punjab The Indian Air Force has allowed the Chandigarh Airport to ...

A Quarter-Century On, Indian Airline Passenger Group Still Has Consumers in Mind

August 23rd 2016 4:00PM
The Air Passengers Association of India, which has one of the more interesting creation stories in the world of associations, is celebrating its 25th ...

Indian flights can skip Pak airspace

August 23rd 2016 3:48PM
NEW DELHI: Indian carriers operating from Ahmedabad to Gulf can now avoid ... According to a media report India's private airlines have asked the ...

Maharashtra: 10 non-functional airports to be developed, first state to sign regional connectivity ...

August 23rd 2016 1:22PM
The RCS stipulates that air tickets for under a one-hour flight will be capped at Rs 2,500, and the VGF will take care of the rest of the operational cost.

Three things to watch out for Cabinet meet tomorrow

August 23rd 2016 1:00PM
India-Cyprus Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement(DTAA), India-Fiji air ... The cabinet is likely to discuss the crucial India-Fiji air service pact in ...

Indian Airlines to Avoid Flying Through Pakistani Airspace

August 23rd 2016 12:37PM
New Delhi (Sputnik) — Indian carriers will no longer use Pakistan's airspace to fly to Dubai as the government has decided to straighten the route to ...

Flights from Ahmedabad to Gulf can skip Pak airspace

August 23rd 2016 11:41AM
The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has straightened the flight path from ... cut down travel time sharply and result in significant savings for airlines.