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Big Benefits In Store For American Airlines After Its Latest Announcement

November 26th 2015 3:56AM
Disclosure: I am/we are long AAL. (More...)I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other ...

Video shows Alaska Airlines employees engaged in questionable game

November 26th 2015 3:33AM
The cellphone video shows Alaska Airlines employees tossing a suitcase on a service road at the airport, but the airline says the video isn't what it ...

New domestic airlines' in Saudi Arabia take-off delayed

November 26th 2015 3:09AM
New domestic airlines — Al-Maha Airways and Saudi Gulf Airlines — have been further delayed due to technical reasons as the General Authority of ...

Airlines Hoping To Woo Customers Invest In More Entertainment Options

November 25th 2015 10:41PM
In fact Southwest Airlines hosted a live concert thirty thousand feet in the air. It's one of many new entertainment options airlines are using to woo ...

Former Marine kicked off American Airlines flight for being too big

November 25th 2015 9:22PM
A former Marine was kicked off a flight after being told he was too big to fly. Chris Shelley was on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orange ...

Russia Shot Down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Dutch Investigators Will Announce, Expert Predicts

November 25th 2015 9:00PM
Dutch criminal investigators, however, are currently attempting to determine who is actually responsible for the shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight ...

Four 'Middle Eastern' passengers removed from Spirit Airlines flight

November 25th 2015 8:43PM
When Transportation Authority Police officers searched the man's phone they found no trace of a text message referring to dynamite or 'BLR' - the ...

Alaska Airlines Admits San Jose Airport Workers Played Games With Luggage

November 25th 2015 7:42PM
The video shows what appears to be airline or airport workers playing some sort of a game. Luggage was tossed, for either distance or accuracy, ...

U.S. airlines bet on long oil slump as millions lost to hedging

November 25th 2015 7:41PM
After losing hundreds of millions of dollars on hedges, two of the world's biggest airlines are betting that oil prices won't rally any time soon.

U.S. airlines bet on long oil slump after losing millions

November 25th 2015 6:22PM
Calgary — Two of the world's biggest airlines are betting that oil prices won't rally any time soon, growing more cautious after losing hundreds of ...